Technical Advisory Committee

MISSION STATEMENT:  Adopted by the Board of Directors on September 4, 2012

The purpose of the Technical Advisory Committee is to facilitate strategic guidance to members of the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association in order to strengthen our collective voice in the protection of water resources and their beneficial uses for the mountain counties.    As members identify emerging issues throughout our region, the committee will center its efforts on providing technical and policy support regarding water supplies and rights, water resources planning, infrastructure design and operation, and administrative management.

BACKGROUND:  On February 6, 2012, the Board of Directors established a Technical Advisory Committee.  The purpose of the Committee is for member information sharing, as well as, the ability to participate in cost-sharing projects and programs, and to identify emerging issues of importance to the membership.

Member workshops/programs may include:

  • Effective collection practices; Bankruptcies; Foreclosures
  • Cost saving water efficiency programs
  • Canal cleaning techniques
  • Ditch sustainability
  • Grant coordination
  • Share resources to identify leaks and help conservation efforts
  • How to prepare for a financial audit; Financial reporting pitfalls
  • How you make the nexus between water delivery, treatment and energy usage
  • Prop 218 successes/failures
  • New meter replacement programs
  • What works with your customers, what doesn’t
  • Etc.

The Committee could explore member cost-sharing projects that members would subscribe to such as:

  • Energy savings audits
  • Operational efficiency review
  • Benchmarking between Agencies; Build your toolkit when adjusting rates
  • Organization, Staffing and Workload Analysis & Justification
  • Business Process Improvement & Operations Streamlining
  • Security and Vulnerability Assessment for IT and SCADA Operations
  • Project Management & Special Project Assistance
  • Comprehensive Energy Audit
  • Custom Energy Improvement Program
  • Redesign, Retrofit/Installation of Energy Conservation Measures
  • Energy Measurement & Verification

Program and cost-sharing projects, members can benefit by:

  • Increased management and operational effectiveness, efficiency and economy, asset protection and loss minimization
  • Programs would lead to rate stabilization and improve justification to the public for rate adjustments
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Energy savings and reduced greenhouse gases

These valuable workshops/programs will be developed from member interest and come from presentations by consultants and/or member agencies and their staff.  These technical workshops/meetings would be separate from the General Membership meeting and geared for a specific audience.   This Committee will also be a vehicle to alert its membership to emerging issues.

The committee will select a Chair and Vice-Chair, establish its guidelines, venue(s) and programs, coordinated through the Executive Director.  A record of the meeting (attendance list/pictures) will be kept by the Executive Director and a summary of the program will be provided to the Board of Directors.  If appropriate, a summary of the program could be presented at a General Membership meeting.   Cost-sharing recommendations would be considered by the Board of Directors.

The programs/workshops will be sponsored by MCWRA, but funded through the membership and or member sponsors, if necessary.  The Association will assist with tracking the workshop/program to chronicle the meeting.

Add Value to our Membership and great Networking

If members are interested in being on the committee, please contact John Kingsbury

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