Sierra Nevada Headwater Policy Principles

On March 4, 2014, the Board of Directors adopted, by resolution, Sierra Nevada Headwater Policy Principles (Principles).  This document signifies several months of considerable discussion, review, and research culminating in 16 policy principles and 14 action items.

This pro-active, solution-based  document, developed by  stewards of the  Sierra Nevadas, can serve our state’s decision makers as a useful and informational tool as we all work together to solve the State’s water crisis.   The foundation of this document, to a great extent, aligns with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy  mission and goals as established under the enabling legislation (AB 2600, Laird-Leslie, 2004), and influenced by the 1997 congressional report “Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project”.

As an important reference,the CA Water Plan, Update 2009 & the draft 2013 Mountain Counties Overlay regional reports helped us identify and contribute key elements useful to the final document.

To view the Principles and Action items, click on the following link:

Sierra Nevada Headwater Policy Principles

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