Urban Water Institute’s Spring Water Conference, February 7-9, 2018

January 18, 2018


By:  John Kingsbury, Executive Director, MCWRA and Urban Water Institute Board Member


On behalf of Greg Quist, Urban Water Institute Chairman and my fellow Board members, I would like to invite you to the Urban Water Institute upcoming conference in Palm Springs, which takes place February 7-9, 2018.

The conference will feature mountain counties participation from Tom Haglund, General Manager, Tuolumne Utilities and Rem Scherzinger, General Manager, Nevada Irrigation District

Program Agenda, click link:  https://www.urbanwater.com/program-agenda/

Conference Registration, click link:  https://www.urbanwater.com/conference-registration/

Greg Quist, Chairman, Urban Water Institute
So much is changing around us as water managers, governing officials, and expert consultants.  We have a completely different Federal landscape in Washington; during the last drought the California State Water Resources Control Board for the first time required mandated statewide delivery reductions for M&I customers; water utilities are facing crumbling infrastructure while dealing with tight budgets. Given this dynamic water world, the UWI Program Planning Committee has done another outstanding job in pulling this conference together around the theme “Who’s in Control?”

I invite each of you to take time to attend and participate, and I suggest you also bring one or two colleagues.

Just a sampling of our program and range of topics:

  • A special address by Senator Bob Hertzberg, Chairman of the Natural Resources and Water Committee in the State Senate
  • What is the Future of Dams in California?
  • The Affordable Water Rates and the Water Rate Payer
  • Unintended Consequences of the most Epic Drought in Recorded History
  • Dr. Jerry Schubel, CEO & President of the Aquarium of the Pacific who will address Climate Change & It’s Impact on Water Supply
  • A California Multi-Agency Analysis of the Relationship between Water Sales and Pricing During the Drought
  • A unique City View from the top on the Control of Water
  • How is Conservation going to be a way of life?
  • What’s Going on with the Salton Sea?

There’s a wealth of experience and insight to be shared with our conference participants.

Greg Quist

Urban Water Institute

Program Agenda, click link:  https://www.urbanwater.com/program-agenda/

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