Jackson Valley Irrigation District

August 4, 2017

MCWRA is pleased to welcome back Jackson Valley Irrigation District to its Executive Membership.

Jackson Valley Irrigation District (JVID) provides wholesale water supply, distribution of raw water to irrigation, industrial and domestic users, distribution of bottled water to domestic users, and hydroelectric power generation.  JVID has an agreement with a private company to operate the Lake Amador recreation facilities.  Its recreation concessionaire operates domestic water treatment and wastewater services at Lake Amador.


JVID was formed in October of 1956 as an independent special district to provide irrigation services to the Jackson Valley area.  The principal act that governs the District is the Irrigation District Law.


The JVID boundary is located in southwestern Amador County, west of the Pardee Reservoir and east of the Amador-San Joaquin County line. Lake Amador is located within the northeast portion of the District. Communities in the vicinity of JVID include Buena Vista and the Buena Vista Rancheria, Camanche Village and Camanche North Shore.  The boundary of JVID encompasses the residential community of Buena Vista Estates. The District has a boundary area of approximately 13,665 acres (21 square miles).

Directions to Jackson Valley Irrigation District


JVID is governed by a five-member board of directors. Directors are elected at large by landowners, who are allowed one vote per parcel.

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