El Dorado Irrigation District & Weimar Water Company send letters to Governor – End Emergency Drought Proclamation

January 29, 2017


Gerry LaBuddie, General Manager, Weimar Water Company

Dear Governor Brown: On behalf of the people and water districts of Northern California, we urge you to end your emergency drought proclamation, first pronounced in 2012, and call an end to the mandatory conservation measures imposed on Californians….

Letter: Weimar Water Company letter to Governor


Tom Cumpston, Acting General Manager, El Dorado Irrigation District

…We recognize that there remain limited areas in California where drought conditions are still in effect.  We therefore will advocate that the SWRCB focus its assistance on those areas in meeting their water needs and conservation requirements.  However, where drought conditions have ceased to exist like at EID, we will urge the SWRCB to rescind the emergency conservation regulation completely or let it expire in February, and restore local control.

Letter: EIDs letter to Governor Brown

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